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Validate Your Safelist POP3 Mailboxes & Keep Your POP3 Email Accounts Clean !!

Dear Entrepreneur,

What if you could automatically empty your Inbox every day without lifting a finger? If you are a member of several safelists then you surely know by now that bouncing can be a huge problem unless you have a bottomless mailbox just for your safelist emails. And what about validating all of those emails? Wow... that's a time-consuming chore too!

Stop wasting your money and time validating and rejoining safelists after being deleted for bouncing...

Now there is MailBGone!

Use our service and you can validate your 1000's of safelists accounts without any problem, and you can also be free of full mailbox notices. You can store the info of your maximum 7 pop3 mailboxes for safelist validation purpose and maximum 7 pop3 email accounts for your Inbox cleaning every day! Just imagine, no more auto-deletions from safelists because of bounced eMail due to a full Inbox.

Plus we are fully automatic... so after storing your mailbox info you won't need to worry about cleaning it. You can set it to automatically be cleaned once (every hour/12 hours/or 24 hours) to save you hours work of manually deleting your messages. Plus it will automatically validate all your safelist accounts. Every hour for 24 hours, your email account will be checked for any validation email links. Once found, the link will be automatically clicked and automatically join you to the safelist. After clicking the link, the email will be deleted from your mail account. This process is repeated once each hour for a 24-hour period, and you will receive a detailed email report listing all results of the automated validation process for your safelists.

So if you're tired of manually validating 1000's of safelist accounts and manually deleting emails from your pop3 safelist mail accounts... then try our service for just $3.99 per month and go spend some time with your family.

You will also receive a daily report from us informing you that your mailbox has been cleaned and how many emails were deleted for the day.


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Here is what you will get absolutely FREE of charge when you sign up for your MailBGone account...

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And Much Much More!

Put your business on auto-pilot Today with the MailBGone Safelist Pop3Mail Cleaner and Validator System!